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Info about me and my art

It’s been a long journey getting to where I am today, where I’m exhibiting my textile art several times a year, having my art accepted in to censured art exhibitions, in Denmark as well as abroad. I never even dreamt on getting to this point, but I’ve always been deeply engaged in the creative process and very fascinated by what could be achieved, this is my purpose in life.

My passion for working with textiles has increased over the years and I’m in love with the process, right from ideas taking shape in my head, dyeing fabrics, creating compositions and quilting. Not so much the finishing, but it is a vital part of the process to have a finished piece.

I think textiles offers a special and very unique form of art, always new things to learn, so I’m keeping on.

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I use only products of good quality in my art making, I put a lot of effort and energy into my art making so I never compromise with the quality.

My works, like all wall hanging arts, should not be positioned to be in full sunlight most of the time, it will cause colours to fade quicker. I have pieces of my own hanging on the walls of my home, some has been hanging there for years and still no signs of colour fading at all.

Cleaning, if you should feel the need to clean a textile work of mine you can use a damp cloth or a lint roller. I seal my works with a textile wax. It’s not my experience that textile works attract more dust than any other art piece.